CES 2017 Shows Which of the Top Medical Devices?





January 19, 2017

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On January 4, 2017 at the 50th International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) held in Las Vegas, Internet technology is the primary theme this year. But in all consumer electronics products, there are some excellent medical equipment. So in 2017, what medical equipment worthy of our expectations?

From unmanned cars to machines that can fold clothes, the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to drive many exciting new devices at the cutting edge technology summit of CES in 2017. Related topics will change not only the way we interact with cars and families, but also how we interact with our bodies.

This is the beginning of the trend in the health technology market: Equipped with equipment from Fitbit is now commonplace. Healthcare companies have rapidly benefited from a health perspective. By using connectable wearable devices, medical device manufacturers can make it easier for users to manage their own health and provide more detailed information to healthcare providers. Although this trend has been at CES for many years, the trend in 2017 CES 2017, with a large number of connected devices, from health technology to healthcare connectivity has become more evident than ever.

The following are some of the medical devices selected by CMR:

Omron blood pressure monitor

As a digital health care company, Omron’s reputation makes it seem to have the capital to release three smart blood pressure monitors at once. The smallest one is the prototype Project Zero 2.0, looks good and full-featured, not only to help the wearer to monitor blood pressure, as well as physical exertion and sleep patterns. Omron believes that the convenience of this portable device will enable patients to have the ability to make their own decisions on their own health, rather than a passive choice.

Thinfilm’s Smart Pen

The YpsoMate Smart Auto Pen is designed for self-management of patients with chronic pain medications. There are many high-quality automatic syringes available on the market to help patients easily and freely inject, but this pen is a big step forward, allowing users to get more information about their own situation. To use this pen, the patient simply needs to scan the injection system with their mobile phone, and then transfer the data back to their mobile phone after injection. This pen provides a complete management record and reminder service that will help patients with rheumatoid arthritis and MS symptoms maintain compliance with the treatment, which is to control their symptoms and preventive emergency medical intervention key.

ReSound’s intelligent hearing aids

At last year’s CES, ReSound company won the highest innovation award. This year, the company also demonstrated its incredible wireless stereo headset, which allows hearing impaired individuals to customize the application in the daily listening situation. ReSound said the result is a clearer sound and “vivid sense of space,” to help users better handle the impact of hearing loss to life. The company’s position is digital priority, which makes it available from the iPhone, iPad and iPod to the direct audio stream. ReSound said their devices offer not only physical benefits, but also enable patients to control their own environment and improve their overall quality of life.

Veta’s Smart Epipen Box (Epipen: An Adrenalin Pen)

Veta’s intelligent patient health equipment includes a box with a standard EpiPen and a free downloadable app for friends, family and caregivers. You can see the location of the pen, and whether the drug is too hot or too cold. It also alerts the user when they are too far from the device, which is a real benefit for the primary patient. The box (cost $59) seems to be a very smart investment in equipment that can alleviate the anxiety of caregivers living with people at risk of being allergic.

In conclusion

In 2017, we saw the beginning of a bright future for connectable devices. At CMR, we are increasingly being asked to work with connectable devices, and we look forward to seeing new technologies being developed by medical device manufacturers that will connect patients to their own situation, connecting clinicians to their patients Connected to achieve better health output.

About CES

The International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), organized by the Consumer Electronics Manufacturers Association of America (CTA), aims to promote the close integration of state-of-the-art electronic technology with modern life. The exhibition began in 1967, has been 47 years of history, has now become the world’s major electronics companies release product information and display the level of high technology and promote the future lifestyle of the window. January 4 to 20, 2017, the 50th CES held in Las Vegas.

Compiled by: Zhao Chenglong

Source: Creative Medical Research (CMR)