NEXGEN Biotechnologies, Inc.

NEXGEN Biotechnologies, Inc. has been 18 years in Korea, specializing on research and development of recombinant proteins to be used for medical and skincare industry. NEXGEN has been awarded “Korea’s 10 New Technologies” by the ministry of commerce, industry and energy in Korea in 2005, and appointed as a ‘national research laboratory’ in 2006 as well.

The company was also awarded ‘2016 best patent of Korea’ with the production of 4-Spier Toxin Protein by generic engineering technology which is also registered in International Cosmetic Ingredients Dictionary to be used for the high-end skincare products. NEXGEN has been producing over 100 kinds of special proteins as well as distinctive skincare products and has more than 20 new proteins/peptides working on anti-aging effect, burn treatment, and wound treatment.