Is it Time for Whiskey Makers to Sell Using High Tech Bottles at Retail?

Distillery Trail –  December 15, 2017

For whiskey lovers, a stroll down the whiskey isle at their local package goods store is like a candy lover’s visit to Hershey’s Chocolate World in New York City. Your eyes get big, your mouth starts to water and then it hits you – “How do I possibly make a decision with so many wonderful choices?”

These days, with over 1,500 distilleries in the United States plus hundreds overseas it’s a challenge to get your spirits on the shelf at the local package goods store. Once you manage to get on the shelf, how do you stand out from the crowd? A new farm distillery from the Isle of Islay has decided to go high tech to help tell the story of their malt-whiskey. When I say new, this 12 year old distillery was founded in 2005. That may sound old compared to craft spirits makers in the United States but that’s young compared to distilled spirits makers on the Isle of Islay where distilleries go back centuries.


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