From Transaction to Companion: Engaging at Each Level of the Consumer Journey

January 19, 2018 – Marketing Land

The consumer journey doesn’t end at the point of purchase. Columnist Davor Sutija discusses how brands can extend the conversation beyond the moment of purchase to promote engagement and loyalty.

Unbeknownst to many, the shopping experience doesn’t begin with the purchase of an item. Rather, it begins when a consumer has a need or desire for a certain item. Successful brands may prevail at being part of the shopping experience up until they get buyers into stores and, ultimately, in line at the cash register. But many marketers assume — incorrectly — that their job ends once a purchase transaction takes place.

By not realizing the consumer journey continues long after the original point of purchase, marketers are missing an opportunity to build product affinity and customer loyalty. And as the trend of modern consumers continues toward placing a higher value on experiences over goods, this realization could become critical to a brand’s survival.

Brands’ and marketers’ mindsets must shift away from treating a purchase as a “final destination,” and instead focus on continuous interactions with consumers, even when those consumers leave the store for home or other locations. Today, there are tools available to drive engagement at each step of the customer journey — brands just need to identify how to effectively extend the conversation beyond a retail setting.

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