NFC is the Underdog Tech Set to Explode in the Next Five Years

The Next Web – April 7, 2018


by Davor Sutija

In the tantalizing world of technology today, there are endless buzzwords and acronyms for emerging tech you need to know. From AI to the ‘Uber of’ dog walking and everything in-between, maybe you think you’ve heard it all. But before you hop on the hype train and leave the station, take note — an unsuspecting player is poised to leap out of the shadows: Near field communications technology.

Sound familiar? Near field communications technology, known more simply as NFC, is short-range wireless connectivity technology that makes it easy to conduct transactions, exchange digital content, and connect electronic devices with just a touch.

You probably know it best as the technology that powers contactless payments like Android Pay and Apple Pay, allowing you to pay for your Starbucks habit right from your phone. NFC is also responsible for the easy “tap and go” technology behind Clipper transit cards in the San Francisco Bay Area and London’s Oyster transit cards. No more paper ticketing or fumbling with a wallet, just tap your transit card to a reader and you’re on your way.

But the opportunities for NFC don’t stop there: there’s still a lot of untapped potential (pun 100 percent intended) for NFC to grow beyond transit and payments.

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