Closing the Deal with In-Store Customers

Marketing Land – April 11, 2017


After brands spend big bucks to get a potential customer into the retail environment, how can they win the sale? Contributor Davor Sutija suggests approaches and technologies that can help.

One of the most fundamental goals a brand marketer has is to lead consumers to the point of sale (POS) — that is, a location or moment during the customer journey in which a retail transaction can occur. Guiding shoppers to these critical POS moments is often accomplished — at least in part — through awareness advertising, which helps drive overall consumer recognition of a particular brand and the products that brand offers.

Awareness advertising — whether delivered through TV spots, print pieces, online banners, social posts or mobile ads — is a key component of many successful brand marketing strategies. It often generates interest or curiosity among consumers, motivates them to learn more through product research and can play a key role in pushing them closer to a POS situation.

Conversely, if a shopper’s familiarity level with a particular brand or product remains low, it’s reasonable to assume the degree of friction along the path to purchase will be relatively high.

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