Thinfilm uses Blockchain to Extend the Capabilities of NFC-Enabled Ads, Creating What it Calls a New Data Point

MarTech Today – May 14, 2018


Marketers can drive additional engagement by encouraging ‘tap events,’ where end users get details on a product’s history or provenance.

Thinfilm has unveiled a new blockchain-enabled feature that allows users of its near field communications (NFC) technology to learn about a product’s provenance or history, including details on transfer of ownership and its supply chain.

Marketers can now use CNECT Blockchain Services to extend Thinfilm’s base NFC technology, which allows users who “tap” it with a device to trigger an experience or interaction. All iPhones version 7 and up and most recent Androids are NFC-ready.

The feature is powered by Ethereum and is built into Thinfilm’s CNECT cloud platform. Blockchain technology creates a centralized, validated digital history, which makes it a transparent, unalterable way to deliver information.

The company says that the feature works well in any scenario where an end user might be interested in supply chain information, such as food, wine and spirits, pharmaceuticals and more.

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