ThinFilm’s Tags Could (Potentially) Put Detailed Food Information at Your Fingertips

The Spoon – June 7, 2018


Lately, people want to know more about their food than ever before. Was this meat grass-fed or corn-fed? Was this apple grown locally? Did this chicken have many friends?

Oslo-based ThinFilm uses Near-Field Communications (NFC) to allow smartphones to read information like this with a tap of their phones. Brand partners stick ThinFilm’s SpeedTap tags on their products, and when a consumer scans the tag with their phone they’re lead to a database with detailed product information and marketing deals. While they have chiefly worked with costmetic, pharmaceutical, and fashion companies, they’re hoping to apply this tech to food safety and traceability the next few years.

Recently, they took steps towards this goal by launching CNECT Blockchain Services; a tool which could integrate blockchain into product information to promote food transparency for both the consumer and the supplier.

“With blockchain, provenance is a big deal,” ThinFilm’s Chief Commercial Officer Christian Delay told me over the phone. “The challenge that a lot of people have is if there’s food safety issues or recall issues it’s hard to determine if you have a contaminated package or not.” Retailers or food safety inspectors can use ThinFilm’s tech to scan the tag on a specific food product and get information about it, including where it was made, how it was transported, and even how it can be recycled. 


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