YUNI Beauty Interacts with Customers through NFC

Printed Electronics Now – July 11, 2018


By tapping on package with a smartphone, consumers can watch videos, receive application tips.

The beauty and personal care market is a field where understanding what customers want is essential to a company’s well being. The challenge is connecting to the customer.

YUNI Beauty may have the answer to that. Through the use of NFC technology developed by Thin Film Electronics and printed by Jones Packaging, YUNI will be interacting with its customers with its Shower Sheets and Chillax products, as well as the newly launched Yunicorn. Women’s Health magazine recently named Shower Sheets its Product of the Year.

YUNI’s products are all cruelty free, vegan, non-toxic, plant-based, and manufactured in solar-powered facilities. The brand’s NFC-enabled products will be distributed through leading retailers such as Nordstrom, Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, Bluemercury, Dillard’s and YogaWorks, as well as online though and

YUNI’s founders, Emmanuel Rey and Suzanne Dawson, are yoga teachers, and their enthusiasm for healthy, natural solutions led them to form YUNI Beauty. Both had experience in the beauty and personal care field: Rey had been GM for L’Oréal Paris in Portugal and SVP/GM for Aveda North America, and Dawson had founded Enliven, a natural beauty brand, and launched Aveda Australia before being named its head of global marketing and innovation.

“My wife, Suzanne, and I co-founded YUNI in 2012 after completing Ashtanga Yoga teaching classes in Greece,” Rey said. “During those weeks there with our fellow Yogis, we took the opportunity to learn a lot about how and why they valued their practice so deeply, and what they believed might support and enhance their Yoga experience. Those conversations led to the development of YUNI.

“Creating healthy, all-natural products that save time, enhance performance and relieve stress was a natural extension of our collective background and experience,” Rey added. “And so YUNI was born.”

Rey said that interacting with YUNI’s customers is a key component of the company’s business strategy and a major contributor to its business success.

“There’s a large and growing percentage of today’s consumer population in search of quality brands that are also natural, sustainable, engaging, and transparent,” he added “So we do our best to connect with customers through our website, emails, retail locations, and our customer service team.”

The desire to connect to consumers led to the idea of adding NFC capabilities to YUNI’s packaging.

“My wife and I are always looking for new ways to engage with prospective and existing YUNI customers, and technology offers a number of potential solutions – some of which are more effective than others,” said Rey. “When we first heard about Thinfilm’s mobile marketing solution and how it used NFC to connect directly with consumers through a smartphone, it piqued our interest. And the more we learned about the offering, the more we felt it was a great match for YUNI and our mobile-savvy customer demographic.”

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