Kilchoman Distillery to Put Contactless Sensors on Scotch Labels

Just-Drinks – August 10, 2018


Kilchoman Distillery is hoping to put contactless microchips directly onto the labels of its Scotch whisky brands, after a recent campaign helped it reach more consumers.

The campaign, which used near-field communication (NFC) technology inside hangtags hung on two of Kilchoman’s Scotch brands, saw high engagement levels, the distiller said today. Consumers who tapped on the neck tags using an NFC-enabled phone gained access to unique content including product details, taste profiles, brand messaging and distillery information.

According to Kilchoman and Thinfilm, the distillery’s partner in the project, tap rates for the campaign were 6.5%, three times the engagement level of social media and email campaigns. The campaign also showed a sharing element to the consumer experience, with one-third of the bottles tapped by more than one unique user.

Kilchoman said it now plans to implement NFC – the technology  behind contactless payment systems such as Apple Pay – directly into its bottle labels and is developing new content for future campaigns.

The activation was launched last year and covered two Kilchoman whiskies, Machir Bay and Sanaig. It also used Thinfilm’s cloud-based software platform CNECT that monitors real-time tapping activity and helps to analyse campaign effectiveness.

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