Kilchoman Distillery’s NFC Marketing Shows Promise

IoT Pro Today – September 4, 2018


Kilchoman Distillery has a high-tech method for showcasing its old-fashioned approach to whisky making.

The Kilchoman Distillery is the first to be built on Islay Island in 124 years. Islay is the southernmost isle of the Inner Hebrides, a chain off the coast of western Scotland renowned for single-malt whisky. Kilchoman is also the only independent farm distillery on the isle. At the facility, 30 full-time workers manage the entire whisky production process, including harvesting the barley grown onsite, malting, selecting casks, distillation and bottling. The company’s whiskies have won several awards internationally.

The industry is, however, fiercely competitive with 126 licensed Scotch whisky distilleries selling to some 200 markets internationally, which presented Kilchoman with a challenge – how to stand out from the crowd as one of the smallest companies in the market. The company was considering its options of how to best share its story with consumers. It mulled over putting leaflets in its cartons, using QR codes and considered changing its packaging when the printed electronics company Thinfilm reached out to suggest the firm experiment with near-field communication (NFC) labels on its bottles. “It seemed to us to just jump out with a pretty cost-effective but powerful option,” said Peter Wills, sales and marketing manager at Kilchoman.

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