Certifications and Regulations
Quality Management:
Thinfilm is an ISO 9001-certified organization

Quality Policy

At Thinfilm, we are committed to achieving long term customer loyalty and satisfying applicable legal, quality, and customer requirements.

We are dedicated to delivering innovative printed electronic solutions through operational excellence, quality at the source, and continuous improvement.

On September 28, 2015, Thin Film Electronics ASA (“Thinfilm”) received initial certification to ISO 9001:2008 by Intertek, one of the world’s largest ISO 9001 registrars, who completed a thorough audit of Thinfilm’s Quality Management System (QMS).

As of October 13, 2017, Thinfilm has achieved another milestone by obtaining certification to the ISO9001:2015 standard.

The certification is an industry standard that verifies the integrity of an organization’s QMS and recognizes its ability to meet customers’ quality requirements while continually improving operational processes. The recognition supports Thinfilm’s shift from research and development to design and manufacturing and is a testament to the Company’s ability to deliver printed electronics products to customers across a wide spectrum of vertical markets.

ISO is the International Organization for Standardization, an independent, non-governmental membership organization and the world’s largest developer of voluntary International Standards.

To view Thinfilm’s ISO 9001 certificate, click here.

To read Thinfilm’s press release, click here.

Regulations and Compliance

NFC OpenSense and SpeedTap products comply to the following directives*:

Additionally, the United States and European Union specify regulations to control harmful substances, limit packaging waste, and promote recycling & re-use. Fulfilling both legal and social obligations, TFE products comply with applicable statutory requirements for these regions.

Two major packaging requirements applicable:

EU – Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive (94/62/EC)
USA – Toxics in Packaging Clearinghouse (TPCH)

*Our NFC product is a component of the entire packaging; therefore, TFE customers are responsible for their own registration

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