NEXGEN Biotechnologies, Inc.
NEXGEN Biotechnologies, Inc. has been 18 years in Korea, specializing on research and development of recombinant proteins to be used for medical and skincare industry. NEXGEN has been awarded “Korea’s 10 New Technologies” by the ministry of commerce, industry and energy in Korea in 2005, and appoi [...]
Cratus Technology Inc.
Cratus develops sensor-centric products and systems with embedded algorithms, for the connected world. Cratus serves the IoT market with innovative applications. Products and sub-systems are customized for markets, using requirements derived from the needs of each application. In-house expertise assists clie [...]
Socket Mobile
Socket Mobile, headquartered in Silicon Valley, is a leader in handheld Bluetooth-connected barcode scanners supporting logistics, healthcare, life sciences, retail, and government applications. The company’s first NFC-enabled model – the D600 – adds Thinfilm NFC tag reading capabilities to Bluetoo [...]
SpringCard, based in Paris, France, is a leading manufacturer of RFID and NFC reader hardware for access control, public sector, logistics, and security markets. Thinfilm tags have been fully validated with a variety of SpringCard products, including NFC reader modules that can be implemented throughout a [...]
Famoco, based in Paris, France, is a recognized innovator in the design of enterprise-ready Android handheld NFC smart devices used in field process management, tracking, hospitality, and ticketing applications. Famoco devices feature full-color touchscreens and, due to their minimal street value, can be assig [...]

Nedap is a Netherlands-based manufacturer of intelligent technological solutions for relevant themes. Sufficient food for a growing population, clean drinking water throughout the world, smart networks for sustainable energy are just a couple of examples of themes Nedap is w [...]

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