Smart Cosmetics

Cosmetics Product Engagement

Drive product engagement with Smart Cosmetics Packaging

Bring your brand story alive with the tap of a product.

Health & beauty shoppers who use mobile buy more:

50% Increase in Median Basket Size

Social media sharing with a tap

No better reminder than the product itself to share what you love.

81% of US respondents say friends' social media posts directly influenced purchase decision.


41% of shoppers shop impulsively for an item after seeing it on social media.


40% of all social media users purchase after sharing or “favoriting” an item on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.


Personalized recommendations

based on past purchase history using Thinfilm's Digital Marketing platform.

If you love this...

If you love this...

We recommend...

We recommend...

Drive repurchase sales to preferred stores or brand owned-and-operated sites

Shoppers who engage with personalized recommendations convert 3 1/2 times more frequently than shoppers who do not.

Extend the reach of user profiles

  • Build first-party data to identify your highest value customers
  • Structured to support identification and use of look-alike user profiles to personalize consumer experience at scale

Smart Cosmetics Packaging makes it easy to engage your highest value customers and build brand loyalty through their entire customer journey.