Fast-Moving Consumer Goods
When you make billions per year, speed and scalability are everything
Thinfilm’s NFC is designed to meet the needs of high-volume brands.
Industry’s Fastest Read Protocol.
Thinfilm’s protocol is the fastest in the industry – 20x faster than standard NFC and 100x faster than encrypted offerings. No other NFC tag can match the line speeds and throughput needed in ultra-high-volume industries for in-line reading.
Leading brands are leveraging Thinfilm’s NFC Solutions for their critical business issues
Reach consumers one-to-one, even in restricted markets.
NFC OpenSense™ technology enables different content before and after purchase.
Protect against counterfeiting and cross-border trade.
High-security for mass-market deployment.
Deliver NFC interactivity on foil-lined packages.
Thinfilm’s provides a cost-effective solution to an industry-wide requirement.
Highly scalable printed electronics

A single major brand could deploy more NFC tags than the entire industry produces today. Thinfilm’s technology is built to scale.

Our economic structure will allow us to incrementally add capacity as demand grows, making us an ideal partner for building to global roll-outs.

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