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Building Brand Loyalty and Educating Whisky Consumers

Kilchoman Distillery produces 100% Islay single-malt whisky "from barley to bottle" and needed a fresh, new way to communicate its brand story and engage with whisky consumers. Conventional neck-tag booklets were replaced with Thinfilm's NFC interactive neck-tags for Kilchoman’s Machir Bay and Sanaig whisky - creating a digital touchpoint that transformed each whisky bottle into its own marketing channel. The data showed a 6.5% engagement rate using Thinfilm's solution - many times more effective than traditional digital marketing activities. Based on the campaign's success, Kilchoman will integrate Thinfilm's NFC technology directly into the whisky bottle labels and eliminate the neck-tags.

We saw Thinfilm’s NFC mobile marketing solution as an ideal way to connect with consumers, tell our brand story, and deliver mobile experiences that are engaging, informative, and relevant.
Peter Wills
Sales & Marketing Manager, Kilchoman Distillery Co.

Driving Purchase Conversions and Engaging New Consumers

Bodegas Barbadillo, one of Spain's leading winemakers, wanted to attract and engage new consumers to their brand.The “Tap & Win” campaign was launched using Thinfilm's NFC SpeedTap™ tags implemented on 126,000 bottles of Barbadillo's bestselling white wine, Castillo de San Diego.The campaign led to a 30% purchase conversion and drove 10X more traffic than from social platforms, with a 2.8X increase in average time spend.

Using ‘connected’ NFC bottles featuring Thinfilm technology helped us discover that the ideal moment to activate, engage and convert new consumers occurs when they are holding a Barbadillo bottle in their hands.
Alvaro Alés
Director, Marketing & Communications, Bodegas Barbadillo

Boosting Consumer Loyalty with “Smart Coasters”

In a saturated craft beer market, Coronado Brewing Co. has tapped into Thinfilm’s NFC solutions to grab beer drinkers’ attention and get those consumers engaged with the brand.“Smart Coasters” featuring SpeedTap™ tags were created to boost consumer engagement.Since the launch of the market trial, consumers have responded enthusiastically to the campaign – boosting web conversion rates by up to 17.5X over traditional media channels, and lifting mobile traffic by 92%.

Competing for the attention of craft beer drinker is intense. Getting people to hear your brand story without interference is even harder.
Brandon Richards
COO, Coronado Brewing Co.

Bringing the Tasting Experience into the Living Room

Thinfilm and Hopsy, the USA’s first local craft beer marketplace and delivery service, have partnered to integrate NFC OpenSense™ tags into locally produced craft beer across the United States.NFC OpenSense™ tags will enable Hopsy’s partner breweries to engage with consumers and differentiate their brands.Using Thinfilm’s NFC technology, craft breweries can share their authenticity and craftsmanship stories directly with consumers.

We believe Thinfilm’s technology gives our partner breweries a powerful tool to connect with their customers beyond the brewery.
Sebastien Tron
Co-founder and CEO, Hopsy

Authenticating Limited Edition “Smart Sherry”

Barbadillo’s exclusive release of Versos 1891 rare sherry bottles is protected by NFC OpenSense authentication technology.Thinfilm’s NFC tags incorporated into each bottle are specifically designed to prevent unauthorized refills, thwart counterfeiters, and facilitate authentication.

Given the rarity of this release and its significance to the Barbadillo family, we feel compelled to protect it. Thinfilm’s technology delivers that protection, for our business and our valued consumers.
Manuel Barbadillo
Chairman, Barbadillo