Global roll-out in progress with one of the largest fashion retailers.

Thinfilm’s printed electronics is the secret to Nedap’s !FaST Electronic Article Surveillance.

Traditional EAS tags reactivate when washed or flexed.
No reactivation, no false alarms.
Nedap’s !FaST EAS, manufactured by Thinfilm, offers the industry’s only permanent deactivation. We make it possible to integrate tags directly at the point of manufacture.
And Thinfilm’s 8.2MHz tags are compatible with globally installed infrastructure.

Integrated EAS maximizes product availability, minimizes loss.

Retailers can safely keep products on display giving customers the greatest opportunity to buy.

No bulky tags to interfere with trying on clothes.

Customers can fully experience the product without the hassles of hard tags.

Source tagging at the point of manufacturing.

Accelerates time from delivery to store floor

Improves check-out times

Reduces overhead associated with hard tag application and removal