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Improve logistics, supply chain, and factory operations with NFC Solutions from Thinfilm

Innovative wireless technology and integrated cloud-based software enable information access, delivery acknowledgement, and instant reordering – all with the tap of a smartphone or NFC reader

Companies view logistics, supply-chain management, and factory operations as critical to maintaining their competitive edge. But increased threats to product integrity, the challenges of extending the useful life of assets, and the shipping transfer of important materials, make this a tall order.

With Thinfilm’s uniquely serialized, durable, and simple-to-use NFC Solutions at their fingertips, your employees can effectively address a range of key applications, all with the simple tap of a smartphone, handheld  NFC reader, or embedded production-line scanners:

Presence Verification

Confirm the precise physical location and movement of product and personnel. In areas where GPS, QR, or RFID is problematic (multi-level indoor or outdoor environments, dirty areas, or even under water), you can even streamline the collection of photographic proof of an item’s condition.

Equipment Troubleshooting & Maintenance

Complex machinery requires regular inspection and upkeep. Serialized NFC can quickly and easily connect personnel on the factory floor to the precise maintenance manuals, troubleshooting guides, and spare parts reorder to maximize uptime. NFC-tagged replacement parts can help ensure that the correct components are properly installed in the corresponding equipment at recommended time intervals.

Parts/materials Authentication

Thinfilm’s uniquely serialized NFC tags, which fully integrate with the CNECT™ Cloud Platform, enable instant verification of authenticity for equipment, replacement parts, and other critical materials used in factory and supply chain operations.

Instant Online Reorder

Tap uniquely identifiable tags to intelligently manage wear items, spare parts, and consumables by verifying pending expiration dates, reviewing existing stock, and instantly reordering when needed.

Shipment Acknowledgement and Ownership Transfer

Securely and formally acknowledge receipt of critical or hazardous material deliveries per corporate and/or regulatory policies; use CNECT Blockchain Services to create a permanent, verifiable audit trail that tracks transfer of ownership for various toxic, radioactive, biohazardous, or other dangerous materials  

On-demand, timely data enhances productivity and business performance
  • Ease of use through readily available smartphones and NFC reader devices
  • Unique tag IDs can launch precise digital experiences serving a range of operational needs 
  • Enhanced reliability in extreme environments 
Markets & Applications
  • Industrial equipment inspection and maintenance
  • Instant parts reorder/replenishment
  • Delivery/shipment acknowledgement
  • Chemicals, including hazardous materials
  • Aerospace and military equipment, parts, and ammunition
  • Building security (presence verification, event/building access, check-in/check-out)
  • Pharmaceuticals, including traceability of narcotics and opioids
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