CNECT Cloud Platform
A powerful cloud-based platform for NFC mobile marketing
Versatile software that empowers brands to engage consumers and deliver impactful mobile experiences through the tap of a smartphone.
Thinfilm’s CNECT Cloud Platform allows companies and brands to engage consumers with timely and contextual content through the simple tap of a smartphone. This opt-in, high-intent interaction facilitates the instant and direct connection between consumers and products, effectively bridging the gap between the physical and digital worlds.
Brands, agencies, and companies use the CNECT Cloud Platform to:
Make physical products ‘smart’ and connect them to the digital world
Tapping intelligent products with a smartphone facilitates a direct connection between brands and customers, effectively removing intermediary search engines, social platforms and online marketplaces from the conversation.
Deliver compelling and targeted mobile marketing experiences
Create, launch and dynamically manage consumer-focused content and experiences based on tap sequence, time, geographic location, and other rules-based criteria.
Analyze tap activity and related data to gain meaningful and actionable consumer insights
Understanding who tapped, what they tapped, when they tapped, where they tapped – and their subsequent actions – provides critical consumer insight to improve KPIs and drive business success.
CNECT Cloud Platform Functionality
Product & Tag Manager
  • Associate uniquely identifiable tags to individual products and program destination URLs
  • Remotely manage tag info and dynamically revise destination URLs
  • Use the CNECT Android app to quickly configure tags and products
  • Group or move tags according to campaigns and content
  • Execute quick searches for tags and products
  • Add tag ID, device ID, and UTM marketing parameters to the destination URLs
Experience Builder (Context Driven)
  • Tap Sequence – Deliver different content and experiences for the initial, and all subsequent, smartphone taps in a sequence
  • Time – Deliver different content and experiences according to when the smartphone tap occurs
  • Geography – Deliver different content and experiences based on the geographic location in which a smartphone tap takes place
Tap Activity Analysis
  • View tap events recorded and displayed on a map
  • Drill down on tap events by product name, source, tag ID, tag state, date, time, and geography
  • Search for a specific tap event based on product, country, keywords
  • Investigate tap clusters on map
  • Research tap history based on predefined or customizable time windows
  • Analyze tap activity by country, product, and/or campaign
  • View data-related histograms and diagrams
Benefits of the CNECT Cloud Platform
  • Tags are shipped pre-configured with a secure, unique ID that cannot be copied, cloned, or spoofed
  • Designed to quickly and securely launch consumer focused mobile experiences
  • Edit product URLs or build experiences for instant and contextual response
  • Customize marketing UTM for specific website analytics and reporting
  • Leverage an entirely new data set to understand consumer behavior, tastes and preferences; increase sales and accelerate innovation
  • Secure, reliable and scalable
  • Holistic approach ensures full platform security
  • Designed to support companies of all sizes (from thousands to billions of products)
  • Full integration with Adobe Analytics Cloud and other marketing analytics platforms
Thinfilm’s end-to-end mobile marketing solution
Key components of Thinfilm’s end-to-end solution for mobile marketing include:
  • CNECT Cloud Platform
  • NFC (Near Field Communication) hardware
  • Android and iOS apps
  • SDK/API for third-party integration for Android and iOS
Authenticator App
NFC Scanner
by Thinfilm
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