NFC Solutions
NFC Solutions optimized for consumer and industrial applications
Hardware and software designed with volume production in mind.
Built on highly scalable printed electronics technology.
OpenSense Technology
  • Dual-ID tag with sealed/opened sensor
  • Target consumers pre- and post-sale
  • Authentication & refill fraud protection
SpeedTap Technology
  • Single-ID tag
  • Instant product authentication
  • Targeted marketing and track & trace capabilities
NFC OpenSense Technology for Marketing
Powerful pre- and post- purchase engagement via mobile
  • Optimized one-to-one mobile marketing for different parts of customer journey
  • Link offline behavior to online profiles
  • Bring the power of digital marketing to the physical world
Thinfilm’s digital marketing software helps brands increase in-store product engagement
  • Branded app with integrated content management
  • Content personalization & social sharing
  • Data profiles suitable for lookalike audience matching
  • Store locator & online repurchase
40% higher conversion rate when consumers use a device during their shopping journey
Deloitte, The New Digital Divide
The mobile influence factor will likely translate to $689 billion, on average, in mobile influenced [US] retail sales
Deloitte, The Dawn of Mobile Influence
NFC OpenSense Technology for Product Authentication
Smart tag knows when a product is factory-sealed or opened
  • Robust security suitable for mass-market use
  • Protects against refill fraud and package reuse
  • Proprietary two-level authentication thwarts cloning
  • 100x faster transaction time than encrypted tags
  • The first NFC technology to be supported by the World Customs Organization
Download the Authenticator App
Thinfilm’s Product Authentication software offers global anti-counterfeit protections and product diversion detection
Thinfilm Authenticator App
Integration with World Customs Organization’s IPM App
Optional support for consumer-facing authentication
NFC SpeedTap Technology for Simple, Instant Consumer Engagement and Brand Protection
All the advantages of Thinfilm’s NFC in a simple-to-integrate form factor
  • Single-ID NFC tag compatible with other Thinfilm NFC Solutions
  • Each tag's unique ID enables item-level tracking and advanced analytics
  • Create targeted marketing campaigns by streamlining your promotions and triggering repeat purchases
  • More efficient than QR codes or direct data entry
  • Easily integrated into product labels or bottle caps
NFC on Metal Foils
Printed ferrite enables reading of NFC tags where metal would normally interfere
  • Wine and spirits caps
  • Foil-lined packages
  • Foil safety seals
  • Compatible with both NFC OpenSense and NFC SpeedTap
Fastest NFC protocol in the industry
  • Required for in-line reading in high-speed production environments
  • 20x faster than standard NFC
  • 100x faster than encrypted NFC
Are Thinfilm’s NFC Solutions right for your business?
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